2012 Formula Drift Long Beach RD1 – Slammed Society / Paddock

Here’s our coverage of the 2012 Formula Drift streets of Long Beach where we cover the vendor booths, the paddock area, and the Slammed Society showcase portion.

The moment I entered the show, I visited our friends from Fontana Nissan  to say what’s up. Here I spotted the gorgeous lady Miss Marissa Hiroko. It was still pretty early when I arrived to the show and she’s already attracted a healthy crowd.

Our friend Mauricio Ornelas’s S14 who unfortunately didn’t make it to qualifying round because of technical difficulties with the car. Hopefully we’ll see you in action at the next round in Atlanta.

Here’s Jessica modeling for UTI and one of the Tjin Edition‘s slammed Camaro.

Miss LeAnn Michele and Krista Franceschini modeling for the K1 Speed booth.

Ladies from GXS Motorsports booth.

A nice Lexus IS sitting at the Tanabe’s booth.

I passed by the Falken Tire booth and saw Randyl Dawn and I believe the other one is Jessica Galindo.

Here’s miss Olivia Korte another Falken girl.

And Miss Melanie Tillbrook.

This McLaren stunned everyone who passes by. A V8 engine with a twin turbo definitely would get your attention if you get next to it on a street.

An Evo and a Mustang sitting under APR performance booth


Here’s Miss Michelle Yee modeling under Whiteline booth. Behind her is the “Godzilla car” an R32 of our good friend  Miss Kerryann De La Cruz.


Here we have Miss Lindsey Harrod. Definitely stunning and got my attention when I passed by her booth she’s modeling at. A really cool and elegant chick.

She’s such a hottie!


After all the walking and snapping a good amount of photos, I started to get thirsty and decided to get some NOS so I went to their booth and saw miss Julie Mai modeling, her new gig as a NOS girl.


Next to it was the Mishimoto booth where I spotted the lovely Miss Corissa Furr.


Then I turned around and saw a crowd and I wondered to myself what was going on until I found out it was  Lea Ann, Xena Kai, and Holly Lee causing a stir. They’re all modeling with PASMAG.


While at it, I asked Xena Kai for a solo shot.


Its Holly Lee’s turn for a solo shot.

After a break in the shade, I decided to go do the coverage of the Slammed Society showcase on the other side of the track.

Here I first got a glimpse of the Scion FR-S roadster.


Some cool wheels on this Miata. Looks familiar, I remember seeing it on an xB.


This Audi wagon is so clean. Never seen much of it at shows but after browsing at all of the cars, this definitely count as one of the elites out there.


Here’s one of our friends, James Oliver’s clean prelude showing his brand new wheels. Definitely a neck breaker.


Here’s another shot.



Some of our friends at CarsxHype who were from Nor Cal came all the way for the event. Here’s Michael Klonoff’s Lexus LS400.

and Lorenze Torres’ MR2 also from Nor Cal and CarsxHype. Good seeing you guys!


Unique color of the car and rims.


Rotiform’s own Sportback Ralliart. Talking about another unique color.


It deserves another shot.


Royal flush representing.


Import Fashion’s very own Alvin’s G35 parked hard as always.


Low ‘n Slow’s Tracy’s TSX.


Another friend of ours, Leon Casino’s Spoon CRX.


Another friend of ours, The Chronicles himself, Mr. Joey Lee’s clean Q45. You’ll rarely see this sexy car at a show.


Nice wheel color.



Then I saw Kuya Abe along with Sheila and Denise at the VIP tent.

Hi Sheila!

Kuya Abe!

Denise. She’s cute.. =)


After that, I went back to the other side of the track to cover the paddock section and get some more NOS cause it was really hot. On my way, I took a pic of this Z.


Saw Natalia Marie and other NOS girls at the NOS stage giving away free swag.


Time to cover a few cars at the paddock. I believe this S14 belongs to Dennis Mertzanis. Correct me if I’m wrong.


tC 1st gen driven by Tony Angelo.


Need for Speed tC 2nd gen driven by Fredric Aasbo.


Michael Essa’s BMW z4.


Saw this nice Porsche GT3 at the GSR booth. It made me drool.


Here’s Luke Lonberger’s Corvette.


Now I’m guessing this Lexus belongs to Patrick Mordaunt.


Here’s Ross Petty’s BOSO S15.


Walker wilkerson’s Fatlace S14.


Saw this AE86 walking out of the paddocks to get another can of NOS.


Saw Alicia to get my third can of the day. I was sweating like a mofo.

And that wraps up our 2012 Formula drift Long Beach coverage of Slammed Society and the paddock. Thanks for looking and hope you guys enjoyed.

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