OEM Audio+ Hearing is Believing – “Clean,” Crisp,” and “Clear.”

Photos Courtesy of: OEM Audio+

The average working class spends a minimum of 3 hours daily in-car laboring the urban sprawl and congestion. Some spend a few more and treat their vehicles as a moving office.  Others relish this time as alone time for relaxation – accompanied by their favorite soft, slow or upbeat tunes.  OEM Audio+ wants to enhance and capture this daily aural experience and take it to the next level by “putting a little more extra to the ordinary.

OEM Audio+ is a company that designs and upgrades the audio systems for Scion vehicles.  Each vehicle sound system is engineered and tailored to a specific Scion vehicle while meeting OEM specifications, superior sound quality and flawless vehicle integration.

There are a number of appealing features that OEM Audio+ sound systems bring to the table and one of them is Ease of installation. The personnel behind OEM Audio+ ensured that the system can be installed by an average “Joe or Jane” – with little or no experience; following the straightforward procedures they prepared and using simple tools for each sound system.  Each OEM Audio+ sound system installation can be completed in 2 to 4 hours of labor, giving each sound system that seal of approval from “do-it-yourself” car enthusiast.

Another engaging feature of OEM Audio+ sound systems is that it “fits like a glove” and utilizes OEM locations. This feature gives the sound system of the vehicle the “stealth-look.” The sound system upgrade may not be physically recognized by an onlooker since upgrades are in the vehicles standard or in concealed locations. Every component was designed and fitted like it was from factory.

Lastly, the real strength of OEM Audio+ sound system is the overall sound improvements that it brings to each Scion vehicle.  Once the system is turned on and put to work, the owner or observer will hear and feel how Scion owners nationwide defined OEM Audio+ vehicle sound systems…“Clean,” “Crisp,” and “Clear.” A philosophy that designers and engineers of OEM Audio+ ensued during the construction of each sound system was to have a system with pieces and elements complementing each other – as oppose to most aftermarket systems designed with an individual component approach.  OEM Audio+ sound systems are closed-loop systems which “include factory speaker replacements, vehicle-specific subwoofer system, 32-bit digital Signal Processing Amplifier and their Quick-Sync Wiring harness for the ultimate Plug-and-Play installation

As OEM Audio+ is quickly making a name in the sound system industry, the personnel behind the company want YOU to be the judge and encourage everyone by saying… “You’ve got to hear it for yourself!!!”

Catch the OEM Audio+ team at your nearest 2012 Scion scheduled events or you can follow them at…

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