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Hot Import Nights 2012 season opener was supposed to be at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale but due to the recent events of the venue, it had to shut down. The guys from HIN didn’t want to begin their tour with disappointed enthusiasts since some people bought their tickets ahead of time, so instead of  the show being cancelled, they made a change of  venue and decided to have it in Pomona instead. If you do remember, Pomona Fairplex is one of the OG spots for HIN back in the day so for them to look for another location, it didn’t take long.

Hot Import Nights isn’t just a show to many people, but a lifestyle as well. The cars aren’t the only thing you would consider as an attraction but the whole night is filled with various DJ’s spinning with music festival like entertainment. A market place full of vendors giving away free stuff, and of course there are models all around. While DJ’s were spinning house and hip-hop, go-gos were dancing wearing next to nothing and models were walking around having their pictures taken. A good amount of cars that anyone would consider quality, but these aren’t just highly customized  cars though, most are daily drivers,and these are the most prized possessions of the owners. You can tell this is what all their time is devoted to so here’s the recap of  what we covered.


This Porsche 911 from Donlyson, is definitely a neck breaker. I started walking my rounds to see the cars that has quality and immediately, this thing stop me from going around.  I seriously  stay at this spot and  just gazed at it for a good 10 mins. or so. Without seeing the rest of the cars, I believed this beauty already got the best of show. In my opinion that is.


This Lexus GS is parked VIP style representing Royal Flush crew. Look at that camber in the rear.


One of the few popular show cars here in Southern California, here’s Armand’s famous MR2 looking fresh as always.


The main man of Import Fashion and his ride, Alvin’s G35. Stunning as always.


This bike is one of the unique rides I saw at the show. I believe its a Ducati and thought of the Flinstones because of the color scheme and style.


One of the few exotics that was at the show under the Savinni booth.


The owner of this is a female and I believe its for sale with a rare Misha widebody kit.


Flawless.. One day I will get to ride one of these bulls.


Growing up, I used to watch these all the time and seeing them makes me miss being a kid. Can you guess who’s driving it?


This Evo IX is owned by Jovi from team Ar-Kan. I got a chance to hang out and have breakfast with these guys and rolled in to the show. It was nice meeting you guys! I believe Jovi won first place in the 4 door category. Congratulations bro!


One of the few domestic super  cars at the show.


Auto Concept Elite’s Top Secret Supra. These guys still roll hard.


A gorgeous FD another one of  Auto Concept Elite.


Also, this GTR is painted and not wrapped. A little bit tricky and Its on HRE’s under Auto Concept Elite booth.


Here’s another domestic that we shot recently.  Sal’s Chicane Mustang with Vortech Supercharger.


One of the many customized bikes at the show.


Another famous rides in Southern California. Jose Romo’s Audi wagon.


A Hayabusa dedicated in honor of Michael Jackson. I thought it was pretty cool.


All in all, I expected to have more quality cars than usual. There are also some rides that are not so welcomed at the show but they got in instead. I hope next time, HIN would raise the bar and have a screening process so that more enthusiast would be interested in coming and put HIN where it used to be. There are more rides that I didn’t cover but I just put the ones which I think are considered highlights of the show.

And of course, video coverage from Mikey and PVR Motorsports.

Now, it won’t be HIN without the women so here are the models.

Miss Michelle Yee modeling under EurOwnd booth. She also hosted the gogo competition.


Miss Kristy Lei Juan working under Muc off booth and battery tender.


I spotted one of the females we featured on the site at the model lounge, the sexy young lady, Miss Marie Alvarez. I haven’t seen this gal in quite a while.


I also spotted Miss Trinity Dang hanging out at the model lounge. Belated happy birthday Miss Trinity!


Miss Jeri lee, hanging out at the model lounge as well. She also hosted the search for miss HIN.


Another gorgeous lady who stunned everyone in the crowd being classy, Miss Melissa Riso.

She defines the fact that models doesn’t need to wear skimpy clothes to be one. Keeping it classy.

Absolutely gorgeous.


Another model that we featured on the site, Miss Marissa Hiroko. This beauty is surrounded by the crowd every time I pass by her at the model lounge. Definitely a model to look out for.



Who’s not going to recognize this famous beauty Miss Holly Lee posing for the crowd as well.

Here’s one of her signature pose.

She also knows how to keep it classy.

Pretty in pink


Dj Roxy Ayala striking a pose and also spinning at the JDM sports booth.


Here’s Miss Shauvon Pham and Miss Teresa Zaang working the sub5zero booth.


The lovely Miss Xena Kai under the Filipino brand booth


The charming Miss Chean Labuen always have that lovely smile.


The sexy Miss Kay Bae is also in the building hanging out at the model lounge.


I caught Miss Natalia Marie dress as an officer at the Savinni booth. She also did the gogo competition and won. Correct me if I’m wrong but i heard it was a tough decision with the crowd with multiple tie breakers. DJ Pow was spinning on the 1’s and 2’s.


Miss Sharon Shon posing at the iClique model lounge.


Look who I found in the middle of the crowd.. Chaba!


Also wearing pretty in pink, Miss Jelly Ranger.


Miss Mely Louth chillin at the Import Fashion booth.


The gorgeous Miss Cara Skye posing for the cars of Auto Concept Elite.


Miss Nicole Marie Reckers also working under the Muc off booth and battery tenders.


Miss Ashley Malia signing posters at the model lounge.


Another famous model, the lovely Miss Nikita Esco. She also hosted the gogo competition.


Here’s the sexy Miss Raquel Estrella. Always surrounded by the crowd. She also did the gogo competition and finished 2nd.



The recap of 2012 Hot Import Nights Pomona officially ends here. We’ll see you at the next one. Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage. Until next time.

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