CES 2012 – DaYUUM’s Best OF

If you ever been to CES, The Consumer Electronics Show, you will know that its a bit overwhelming, even if you attend for the full 4-days. But, try and pull that off in 1-day. This was my 7th or 8th time attending CES and I haven’t been back there since 2006 so I was expecting a lot of change.

CES is the largest show in Las Vegas,  with SEMA running a very close second. CES boasts an attendee number of over 154,000, inflated? Maybe. It’s a large show though. It contains anything electronic, from TV’s to robotic floor sweepers, and mobile phones – in short a gadget geek’s dream house.

On the morning of January 12th,  I was up at 5AM. It was an attempt to attend CES, then drive home at the conclusion of the day. I jumped into the car with a few idiots, one being Neil, and we drove the 280 miles.

The main agenda, mobile electronics section in the North Hall and TV’s in the Central, everything else was a bonus.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking, but here are some DaYUUM approved gadgets.

Of course, the DaYUUM of the show…


LG Cinema 3D Smart TV and…

the awesome 55″ OLED 4mm thin TV. Extraordinary blacks and vivid colors.

Panasonic’s 152″ TV in the center, it makes the 60’s surrounding it look like baby monitors.

then there were the 4Ks.. and 8Ks from Sharp

Sharp’s arsenal of 80″, 70″, and 60″.. The 60″ looks like a computer monitor compared to the 80″

Mitsubishi’s 92″ 3D

We continued in the Central hall with overwhelming fright. The booths were so large and the isle were narrow. Its like being an ant in a forest.

North hall is where most of the vehicles were at.

We spotted Rick Bottom’s Cruze in Metras booth.

Rick Bottom’s Ford SHO in MTX’s booth

The Five Axis GS in Pioneers booth

and this cool Scion xD in one of Scosche‘s booths.

The north hall also housed,



and Ford, which introduced their Evos concept car,

and the 2013 Ford Fusion.

In addition to cars, the north hall had the iLounge. Pretty much it is almost everything “i”. Cases, headphones, earbuds, and novelty items. In the iLounge and a few isles down was Scosche‘s other booth. It was more focused on mobile accessories such as headphones and charging accessories.

These were one of Scosche’s accolades, a iLounge 2012 winner for a Bluetooth reference headphones with integrated remote and mic.

a couple over-the-ear headphones

and cool earbuds. (sorry for the horrible pic.)

Polk Audio had some as well.

There was so much cool stuff for iPhones like these telephoto lenses.

Underwater casing

13db Horn Stand for the iPhone

Novelty headset

Bling-Bling with Swarovski crystals

Laser keyboard by Celluon called Magic Cube. It types and has a mouse as well.

In the south hall was slew off cool stuff as well… Motorized cleaning robots, removable storage, and more headphones.

I really love the packaging on the Marshall pieces

Their display wall was dope. It seemed like every headphone company had color headphones, with matching packaging. Makes for a colorful display.

Like Skullcandy

I love the color on the Seinsheimer.

and check out these 64G storage cards.

And Swiss Army storage knives.

This one was 1TB with a cost of $3000

And, if you exhibit at CES and spend 50+ thousand, do not come with a tattered booth like this… It amazed me that any company that spends so much money to represent at the largest electronic show brings a busted up display. I don’t even know what this company does but they had a 10×50 or so on each side of the isle.

Their booth.

yes, it is blue packing tape securing the corners. This was typical of the whole booth. Tosy if you are reading, invest in your booth and crates for proper representation.

A day trip to Vegas can be a bit much and draining, but do a day trip to Vegas and walk a 4-day show in a short 6 hours was very draining. On the upside, no one had the chance to gamble so we all won in that sense.

Neil best summed it up with this…

That’s a wrap on CES 2012.

Here are a couple things I learned about CES:

-There are no “young” people at CES. I don’t think I saw anyone in there thirties at the show.

-There are a lot, and I mean a lot of Asians and Europeans walking around CES (of course none younger then 40).

-The booths at CES are insane, over the top, massive, mind blowing.

-Headphones, headphones, and more headphones.

-Phone cases, phone covers, phone protectors, anything and everything that covers phones was on display.

-TV’s, TV’s, and more TV’s (wowers).

-A 152″ TV is really as big as it seams.

-Everyone was promoting 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D TV’s.

-There were a total of like 6 cars at CES, you see more cars by the taxi line at SEMA (would have been cool to see more cars at CES.

-Walking the main / central hall at CES can be completely overwhelming
I have never got lost at SEMA, I got lost on more then one occasion walking around CES (when the booth go from the ground to the ceiling and there are no isles, it is very easy to lose track of where you are walking).

-CES can make any guy very depressed, there are so many cool gadgets and TV’s and you can’t take any of them home with you!

Last but certainly not least, if you are going to take photos of products in a booth ran by Asians, get ready to be yelled at and given the dirty look (haha Denny, sucka!)

Did I mention that everyone and their mom’s are now selling headphones, phone covers, oh yeah CES can and mostly like is completely overwhelming for everyone!

CES 2012 was pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind going back next year to see the 252″ TV!


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