“WOW” I just can’t believe how much has been going on since the DaYUUM site launch in the beginning of October 2011 at Guppy’s Tea House in Cerritos! Everything started that night when the crowd showed up and packed out the entire parking lot. It even warranted us a visit from “5-0” who showed up and made us move some of the cars that were there! But all-in-all it was a great evening with some of the sweetest rides around. There were prizes raffled off, and the introduction of our very firstDaYUUM GIRL,” the lovely Miss Ali Marie. To say the least, it was a very successful evening and DaYUUM was extremely well received! The main thing I love about the ‘DaYUUM Crew’ is that even while the site launch was going on, Nilo and Denny were already talking about new things coming up and making plans for the future.

Moving into October, Paul covered the exclusive Toyota Octoberbeast,” while new Profile interviews were already being filmed.  Jayson reported on HIS AIRNESS,” and did a turn on his ‘own Sneakers,’ as well as submitting an excellent article on Eric Haze. I truly enjoyed Denny’s article on Art In The Streets that was about the graffiti art show display at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). In November, we featured ‘DaYUUM INK’ beauty Christine Barnum, and Denny covered a classic 1953 Ford F-100 pick-up, while I reminded everyone aboutThe Real Back In The Day!

Further good news came our way in November when Nilo told us that we were going to cover the launch of the new Scion FR-S. It’s the Toyota 86 in Japan, so you already know there’ll be a lot of badge swapping going on in the future! The night of the launch was Wednesday, November 30th, and that evening just happened to be the worst Santa Ana winds that SoCal has experienced in the last 15 years. Just trying to drive on the freeway was like being on a roller coaster ride at Knott’s Berry Farm!  And with Mikey riding shotgun, we got there on time and still beat Nilo and Denny and the rest of the DaYUUM Crew. You see, Nilo always thinks he’s on time, but that’s another story for another time! 😉

This was the very first car launch that I had ever attended and I’ve been restoring and customizing cars since the mid 60’s! I can honestly tell you that this was one of the best times that I’ve ever had with my clothes on.  As you can imagine there was a ton of media people there, beautiful ladies, car guys, and hosted bars with caviar and hor dourves being floated around everywhere. It was housed in a movie studio in Hollywood with complementary valet parking and all you had to do was not be blown away by the winds before you got into the studio. It was totally  “INCREDIBLE” and now I can’t believe all of the industry parties I’ve missed all these years! 🙁

At one of the bars I met a very nice and extremely knowledgeable gentleman who turned out to be Ben Mitchell, the Head of Production for Scion Canada.  And through Denny and Nilo, I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Marie Chen, Scion Canada’s Editor-in-Chief.  Mikey was up to his usual “game on” filming excellence, and if you haven’t had a chance, you should really watch the video he filmed and produced of that exciting evening!  The FR-S was the real star of the show and Scion Vice President Jack Hollis, made sure we knew it by unveiling one of the nicest rides to ever come out of Toyota’s Scion Division! What a great evening and what a beautiful car!!!

December was an absolutely crazy month for the ‘DaYUUM Crew’ because there was so much going on besides Christmas and shopping! I think that between Mikey, Jae, and RJ, it was mostly shoot…edit…shoot…edit time! DJ Skitz posted up, and Tony showed us why The Beat Goes On!”  We were introduced to a couple of beauties in the form of Marie Alvarez and Kerryann De La Cruz.  Jayson took us back to the 80’s in one article and reported onWekfast Hawaii in another. Tony let us know why we should be eating at Rich’s Shrimp Shack and we saw the return of  “HIN” (Hot Import Nights). Nilo presented his beautiful ‘NSX’ and his ‘S-13’, while Johnny who told us that his ride is a “daily driver/ show car” was also entered!  I wasn’t able to make it but Nilo said the show was “VERY SEKSI!!!” 😉

December also brought us “AutoCon 2011” where we were again joined by DaYUUM’s own Ali Marie and Marie Alvarez which automatically brought our public profile up by at least 10 notches! Big Abe met us at the gate when we rolled in, and Paul and Johnny helped getting everything set up. Joel and RJ were editing on the spot, Jae was getting in some great shots, and Denny helped bring in and set-up theTjin vehicles.  Mikey invented a new camera dolly to shoot cars from a moving platform, and oh yeah,  Nilo guarded the models! 🙂

Just think, that was only through December 2011, that’s how hectic it is to be a part of the ‘DaYUUM Crew!’  But the biggest reward is that you get to be around some of the best all-time guys that I’ve ever had the pleasure to be associate with. So let me officially put you on notice that the ‘DaYUUM Crew’ has already hit the new year running and will continue to bring you EVERYTHING COOL, ENTERTAINING, and SEKSI!!!

So stay tuned and remember… “I’ll see you out on the streets!”

Chief DéMarks

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  1. King Kreole
    January 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Another great article Chief! It has been fun watching the progress of DAYUUM and I look forward to the future success of the DAYUUM movement.

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