Rich’s Shrimp Shack & Tropical Shave Ice

..…….That’s the greeting you get when you walk into the storefront for “Tropical Shave Ice” and “Rich’s Shrimp Shack“. Having newly opened in the city of West Covina. The feel of Hawaii is definitely present here, everything from the people to the decor. Having these two in one storefront is a match made in heaven. What started as two separate gourmet food trucks has now turned into a storefront housing both of these must have eats! I have never been to the islands of Hawaii, and if this is a small taste of what they can bring. Then sign me up and book my ticket.

Rich’s Shrimp Shack has brought the taste of Hawaiian style shrimp to the states. From what I hear, it’s as close as you can get to the real deal. Their menu includes: Garlic Butter shrimp, Cocoanut Lime shrimp, both available spicy or non-spicy, Citrus Chicken, Tilapia, and Loco Moco. Each plate also include steamed rice. They are continually coming up with new ideas for their growing menu. So be on the lookout for newly added items. I will have to tell you that my favorite plate is the “Spicy Cocoanut Lime”. I mean everything is good so don’t hold back on trying it all! What also makes this food so good is that it is made to order, which makes it as fresh as can be. It will take a few minutes, but the wait is well worth it.

Tropical Shave Ice also brings their take on a Hawaiian classic, shaved ice. Their mission statement, “To introduce and serve our customers with the best Hawaiian Style Shave Ice one cup at a time. We want our customer to feel the warm Aloha Spirit not only from our store/truck but also our flavors,” and they have flavor galore. Including Banana, Passion Fruit, Lilikoi, Tigers Blood(no its not really Tigers Blood), Cotton Candy, and many more. They also have favorite combinations, like, Rainbow, The 808, Da Kine, and Keanu, just to name a few. There are so many flavor combinations that you could keep coming back and it’ll be like your first time all over again. With the finely shaven ice and all the different flavor combinations you cannot go wrong.

If you’re a foodie like me, and want the “ono kine grinds”. I hope I said that right! Make sure to add this as a place to stop!!! Aloha and Mahalo!!!!


Here are a few extra pics from their grand opening….



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