I’m DJ Skitz

I started DJ’n when I was about 10 years old, playing music for family parties using 2 tape-decks and a realistic mixer from Radio Shack. Then when I was a freshman in high school I started practicing with my buddy Eronic. He had 2 belt-drive technics and we went through a lot of mixers (Realistic, Numark, Gemini, etc.). We then eventually moved up to using 1200’s. I’ve been collecting vinyl since the 90’s (even before i had my very own turntables) and I would easily drop my whole pay check at record shops sometimes. I had to have 2 of the same vinyls for every track (one to throw in the instrumental, the other to throw in the vocals) IT WASN’T CHEAP.

Technology is designed to make our lives easier. I probably wouldn’t be DJ’n today if it wasn’t for a program called Serato. It’s basically a program that allows me to play my music on my laptop using my mixer and turntables. So instead of bringing milk crates of records to parties, I would just bring a laptop/mixer/2 turntables with me. The program basically extended my DJ’n career. There is no way I would carry crates of records to a gig these days (unless it’s a strictly vinyl event like “beat swapmeet”). Serato is being used by same DJ’s i grew up listening to like Mixmaster Mike, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and The Beatjunkies just to name a few. If you think a person on Serato isn’t a real DJ, then you have it all twisted and I encourage you to do some homework before you decide to judge. But, nothing can replace buying and collecting records (which is why i still buy records every now and then).

Here is a sample of my work.



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