Infinite Auto Design’s 1953 F-100

When we first saw this 1953 Ford F-100 at Infinite Auto Design, a round of Mr. Miyagi jokes made its circulation. Not really sure why, perhaps I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots or I actually am old enough to resemble Mr. Miyagi. In any case, it would be an honor to be a master karate legend that could catch a fly with wooden chopsticks. After the “wax on – wax off” jokes slowed down, we got down to business. The F-100 is the 2nd generation of the F-Series truck, which is still current to date. Formally the F-1, the F-100 featured new exterior changes such as rounded windshield, grille, and hood modifications – to say the least. The F-100 was also known in the Canadian market as the M-Series.

We admired the green/black color combination and its bulky but low physique. The details on this F-100 were more than meets the eye.

The steady hand of pinstriper Styles, elegantly striped the F-100 with a combination of black, red, and green, which nicely pulled the colors from the neighboring fenders, body panels and wheels.

The custom steelies were painted red and accented with chrome beauty rings and Ford caps,

but it was the LED taillights that gave it a modern touch.

I couldn’t resist, but to take it for a spin down the street and noticed it wasn’t your typical ’53 Ford. Since the owner was out and about getting us donuts, I was a bit hesitant in driving it because I wasn’t clear if it was a 3-speed or 4-speed, but after carefully exploring the gearbox, I found out it was a standard 5-speed. The original tranny was swapped out in favor of a T-55 manual transmission from a 1994 Mustang. The F-100 also had unusual stopping power for a ‘53 and drove interestingly well. I later discovered that the brakes were also updated to discs on all four corners while the steering box was taken from a 1984 Toyota 4×4 pick-up.

The stock engine was also replaced with a 289 block bored to a 331 with 351 heads bolted to the top of the block. Supplying the fuel was a 4-barrel Edelbrock 1405 600 CFM carburetor .

This F-100 left me guessing at all times, equip with all the goodies like the Hedman headers, Lokar pedal assembly, and Stewart Warner gauges, this ‘53 is truly unique. We especially like the pin-striping and the tilt hood, but it’s the color-scheme and small details that hooked us to the revived F-Series beauty.

We thank Brian and Kris from Infinite Auto Design for their time and for letting us feature the truck.  As of this publish, the F-100 is up for sale and we know for sure that the new owner will enjoy truckin this F-100.  So contact Brian or Kris if anyone is interested.

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