The Beat Goes On…

“And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on”……a classic in my eyes. But will any of today’s music ever be classified as a “classic?” Or should we be asking, “Is today’s music, really music?” Most of today’s music sounds like, well, it doesn’t sound like anything. You have some artists who you can’t even understand and then you have some artist who use voice manipulation devices. Most of the music lyrics now either don’t make any sense or you just say “WHAT?” You can tune into 4 different stations and hear the same song playing on each station. Are the music labels controlling what we listen to and are they somehow brainwashing us? As a DJ I ask this question A LOT!!

One of the few things that today’s music does have are really good beats. The producers are the ones who are really doing all the work. All they need is an artist who looks the part to the song. I will admit that some songs do have it all, and I do stress “SOME.” Is music like fashion where trends repeat themselves but slightly modified? I believe so, and we are in the Electro, House, Trance movement right now. Don’t get me wrong this music makes for great dancing and easy  mixing. I know when I say that the guys don’t mind when the girls are on the dance floor doing their thing.

Now of course I am speaking generically for all music. On the other hand some genres have it more together than others. I believe that country music has changed to keep up with the mainstream movement, but they still keep it real. This genre will have some upbeat/uptempo songs, but the majority of this music will and always have story telling. I love it when you hear how someone lost their wife, car, house, and even their dog all in one song! Kudos to country for keeping to their roots!!

As for rap/hip hop what happened to the typical money and cars. Now it’s about the most random things ever. It seems like every other song has a specific dance you need to do to go along with it. “Teach me how to Dougie”. What’s a Dougie and how did you even come up with that name. “Teach me how to Jerk”. We all know what a jerk is but why would you want to name your dance after it?One thing that I am not a big fan of is AUTO-TUNE. I just don’t get it. I was hoping after Jay-Z had dropped his song “Death of Autotune” it would go away, I guess not.

There are so many different genres now. It’s kind of hard to determine which songs falls under what genre. I mean there is pop, hip hop/rap, country, house, trance, metal, death metal, indie, etc. Music should be simple and easy to listen to. I hope one day this becomes reality!!

What do you think? How do you feel about today’s music?

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