What started as an idea in 2010, was sidelined in early 2011, and then resurrected in the summer of 2011, the site slowly developed. In fact our original name didn’t even launch. After a brainstorming session over dinner and several names later, DaYUUM was born.

Over the next few months we continued to gather ideas and content for the site. To prolong the process we launched a facebook page in late June.  By then, more ideas flowed and we felt pressured to launch the site. When we decided to feature David’s Benzo’s he offered up the idea of having a meet at his new Guppy Green House location in Cerritos. We thought about it briefly and embraced the idea. It was perfect timing for both of us. We set October 7th as the Site_Launch_Mash-Up date and finalized the details.

DaYUUM Site_Launch_Mash-Up was intended for a small group of friends but the outpour of support surprised us. Ali Marie was dolled up to sign 8×10’s to the first 30 fans. We also handed out free raffle tickets to anyone in attendance so they had the chance to win swag from TRD, Guppy’s, Island Motorsports, and us. Guppy also gave 20% discount cards throughout the night. At 8PM we were still setting up and our VIP cars started to arrive. By 9:30PM the Cerritos PD arrived and wasn’t a bit happy with the people in the parking lot blocking traffic and the way some of the cars were parked. Thirty minutes later, they left without a single ticket written, but threatened us if another call was placed then everyone will be getting tickets.  We accommodated their request and behaved. By the end of the event there were supporters still chitchatting and we meet a lot of new faces. All the swag was gone and the night began to chill.

We want to thank everyone that continue to support us, Island Motorsports, Its JDM Yo, Infinite Auto Design, Rehv Clothing and of course Guppy’s. Thank you to all our old and new supporters, without you guy’s there wouldn’t be a DaYUUM.


Here are some event shots, taken by our shooters Tony, Jae, and John.

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  1. October 19, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    when is your next meet?

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