David’s CLK63 and C63 AMG

Photos: Tony Docuyanan, Jayson Perlas

When we set out to search for a vehicle to debut the DaYUUM site we knew we wanted something classy, sporty, and clean – yet impactful. We had a few cars in mind and almost had our minds made up, but when we roamed SpoCom in Anaheim a Satin Orange Mercedes CLK63 caught our eyes. Probing nearby strangers we discovered the owner of the 2008 CLK63 AMG Black Series was none other than David Li, owner of Southern California’s famous Guppy TeaHouse. After that discovery, we knew David’s car would be perfect for the inaugural vehicle feature for DaYUUM.

David’s Satin Orange CLK63 AMG Black Series made perfect sense because it is also Guppy TeaHouse’s signature color. AMG has always had clout even from the days of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1988 hit “Posse On Broadway” where he raps about “Everybody’s lookin if ya jealous turn around The AMG kit keeps us closa to the ground.” The AMG Black Series already notches above the standard CLK with redefined intake and exhaust system, coupled with a calibrated ECU, but David wanted a little more to it – more power, more torque, after all he is an enthusiast which leaves one asking ,”What else can be done?” specially to a CLK63 AMG Black Series which is based on the Official F1™ Safety Car . For starters, David opted to sideline the original stock black and replace it with Satin Orange vinyl throughout the exterior.

The oversized AMG 6-piston and 4-piston calipers were also power coated to perfectly mimic the exterior vinyl. With David’s sense of design, he also black satin coated the 19” AMG forged wheels.



In addition, David blacked out the emblems and the grille. To continue with the black on orange theme, David also smoked out the taillights.




From there, David added an aFe Pro Dry S filter with a Stage 2 ECU tune to bump up the power to an estimated 600 HP and 580 Ft. lbs. of TQ. Timed at reaching 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, it’s well enough to keep anyone pinned to the seats.



When we arranged the photo shoot, David mentioned he had another Benz he wanted us to see. When we discovered it was a 2011 C63 AMG and it was his daily, we had to have both.


The C63 AMG is just DaYUUM clean – simple styling, yet aggressive. David added a few carbon accessories that really set his C63 apart. The contrast between the white and carbon lip, along with the tinted headlights gives it such an exquisite look and style.

He then wrapped the roof and the window trimming in black vinyl which then carries on to a carbon roof spoiler and into the carbon deck spoiler.

In addition, the carbon diffuser matched with the chrome tips of the AMG exhaust adds so much elegance to his build.

Much like the CLK with the AMG package, the C63 already has the largest displacement offered for the C-Class stable, but David still wanted more and added n aFe Pro Dry S filter with a Stage 2 ECU tune to bump the power to an estimated 550 HP and 530 Ft. lbs. of TQ.

David’s passion and style isn’t only in cars, but his love for food. His Guppy TeaHouse chain also flies under the label Guppy House which operates 5 locations in Southern California.

 With so much class and style in David’s cars and restaurants, we are happy to give our reader’s a little of what is to come in future articles. DaYUUM isn’t about massive modifications, glitz, glamour, or even dollars. It’s about the passion we share as enthusiasts, as human beings, and what makes all of us say “DaYUUM!”You can find more information on Guppy House at www.myguppyhouse.com.@DaYUUMDen

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