C.A.M.E. – Celebrity and Model Expo 2011

Holiday Inn in La Mirada was the site for the 2nd Celebrity and Model Expo (CAME) 2011. It’s one of the most talked about event  where the models are the highlights instead of cars. It was also labeled as one of the “Sexiest Show of the Year”. It featured more than 60 models in the import industry which included a lingerie and bikini fashion show – I had to witness it myself. I missed the first one last year so I wanted to see what the hype is all about. With that being said, let’s have the pictures do the talking…

As soon as I entered the building, I was greeted with a massive crowd. (or should we say creepers..)

First model that caught my attention was this latina chic where she was surrounded by a bunch of people trying to take pictures. Her name is Marie Alvarez. Never seen her before in the past shows so I assume she’s a fresh face in the scene.


Next was Ms. Alexia Cortez representing our friends from Auto Import Craze.


beautiful indeed..


Our sexy friend Ms. Tracy Linh was there too.

I caught one of my friends in the modeling scene Ms. Kristin Nicole Barcelona.

along with Ms. Chean Labuen

I thought this picture was funny while taking snaps of Ms. Chean Labuen I noticed that guy in the background looks like a creeper.


On to the next one with Ms. Nikita Esco

selling body pillows.. these things are expensive!

Then there’s the famous Ms. Jeri Lee


Ms. Kay Bae selling those body pillows too

The next one that caught my eyes was Ms. Ashley Harris.

Oh so pretty..


Next was Ms. Jelly Ranger. Make you say “DaYUUM!!” (creepers alert!)


And there was C.A.M.E.’s spokes model Ms. Roxy Ayala on the go go stage


Ms. Ela Pasion looking “drop dead gorgeous” as always


Ms. Kristy Lei Juan was also in the building representing Code AIC


The famous Kuya Abe was there to represent “Kuya Protection” for the models. “Kuya Got Your Back”

Another model I haven’t seen much around was Ms. Lauren Ashley. Yep she’s gorgeous.



Another CAME’s spokes model Ms. Lily Zena Wang


Now on to the bikini/lingerie show

Overall it was a good turn out. I say it’s a type of show where you can see who’s still in the scene and see new faces as well. A good place to search for talents for the upcoming shows. I tried my best to shoot models that were classy but if you’re in this type of show, you can’t either help it but shoot anyways. To end it all, I’ll leave you guys with a picture that will somewhat summarizes the show…


Creepers galore


And pictures that make you say “DaYUUM!!!”

Hope you guys enjoy it!















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