Ali Marie – Up Close and Personal

Photos/Video: Tony Docuyanan


At first glance she is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, tall. blonde, and tan – the perfect California Girl from Surf City.  We first met Ali Marie at Infinite Auto Designs in Huntington Beach while she was helping and volunteering to wash cars for our good friend Big Abe’s charity car wash event, Suds of Love. It was a hi and bye at first, but as we got to know Ali more from meets, shoots and shows, we realized that Ali was more than a pretty face.  Ali is a very cool, funny, down to earth girl with a positive attitude. Being a fresh face on the scene like us, we all thought that she would be the perfect candidate for our first shoot and video interview. Yeah we all know how Hott and Seksi Ms. Ali Marie is in her pictures, but her bright and fresh personality on video will knock you over and make you say “DaYUUM!” Enjoy the video and photos. –@DaYUUMNilo13



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