Ali Marie – “C-Ali-fornia Dreami’n”

When we started to throw around the idea of putting together a DaYUUM! Facebook page back in June or maybe even a site, I envisioned nice shots of cars or a beautiful fresh-faced California girl with a great photographer. So when I spotted a beautiful blonde a few months back, I knew she had to be the one for that idea. Too much surprise, my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Mr. John Salangsang was thinking the same thing. While he was taking shots of her with the Purple machine at a local gathering, he said, “If you can get in contact with her, I’ll shoot your cars.”

Ali washing car and with me.

Without hesitation I said “Deal!” Soon after I was hard at work like a hound trying to get in touch with the mystery blonde that took over the charity car wash event with her good looks and cool attitude. Come to find out her name was Ali Marie and she modeled for a local clothing company called Rehv Clothing based out of Huntington Beach which is also where Ali is from. When I got in contact with her, she was easy to talk to, really chill and was gracious enough to take the photos, even with her very busy schedule as a mixologist at 2 local establishments.

Although Ali has not been in the scene too long, she was a natural in front of the camera, with her Cali girl good looks, dimples, pretty smile, and never ending legs. We were all mesmerized including John, because he didn’t even take any full pictures of the cars! Ha-ha, but I don’t blame him, because they were just props and Ali was the main focus.  We were very lucky to have John Salangsang shoot and for Ali to be our first featured model on the site.  It’s obvious we are very happy with the photos. We appreciate the time Ali Marie and John Salangsang put in for this shoot and we hope you all like them as much as we did.



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