About DaYUUM!

DaYUUMWelcome to DaYUUM!

DaYUUM is a collision of individual personalities expressing their interests. Ranging from cars, music, street/urban art, food, clothing, technology, sports, and of course – WOMEN! It’s a collaboration of minds often shared as a common thought. DaYUUM is a reaction, an expression, the emotion.

Art – A collection of likes, inspirations, and expressions. Street art, modern art, self-made art.

Cars –  We will show you what is hot, where we think trends are going and what trends shouldn’t begin. We love fit, finish, and aesthetics.

Events – A behind the scenes look at events, meets from shows, conventions, concerts, and food trucks.

Fashion –  The eclectic, hip, funky, stylish world of  shoes, shirts, outer gear, watches, eye wear, and head wear.

Music – We will share our interests on music, whether it’s a festival, a DJ, or just sick beats.

Profiles – is our chance to share to our readers the workings of builders, designers, Dj’s, VJ’s, photographers, models, and shops.

Women – Do we need to explain?

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